Boy, 13, tortures and cuts off breasts of 78-yr-old grandma to steal £1.75

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A teenager has been arrested after he cut off breasts of his grandmother’s friend to steal less than £2, prosecutors in Russia say.

The 13-year-old boy broke into the disabled 78-year-old victim’s home, pulling out a knife and demanding cash.

Boy, 13, tortures and cuts off breasts of 78-yr-old grandma to steal £1.75 lailasnews
Boy, 13, tortures and cuts off breasts of 78-yr-old grandma to steal £1.75

She was stabbed in the face and body 60 times and her breasts were cut off.

He escaped with 150 Rubles, the equivalent of just £1.75, it is claimed.

The horrifying attack happened in the village of Chesma in Chesmensky District of the Central Russian Chelyabinsk oblast region.

The woman, who recognised the schoolboy as the grandson of her friend, asked him to leave before she was tortured.

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He only stopped when he realised she was not breathing, and after grabbing the money he left the apartment and later used the money to top up his mobile phone account.

The victim’s body was found by neighbours the next morning.

A police spokesman confirmed: “A 13-year-old schoolboy who studies in the 7th grade has been detained in connection with the incident.

“He is the grandson of the victim’s female friend. He has been placed in temporary detention in a secure unit for under aged felons.

“An investigation is being carried out as to his motive, and he has already confessed to the crime and admitted stealing 150 RUB.”

Vladimir Shishkov from Chelyabinsk region investigative committee said: “A suspect has been arrested and a homicide case has been initiated. The investigation continues.”

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The age of criminal responsibility in Russian is 14 however the shocking nature of the crime means that the boy might end up in a special school for troubled minors.

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