Woman exposes husband who got married last week and had another wedding today

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A Nigerian woman, Mrs Bibiana Linus Onyeulo, whose marriage to her husband Mr Linus Uzodinma Chibuzo Onyeulo, got annulled without her consent has cried out as her husband who began planning a wedding with another woman, got married again today.

Woman exposes husband who got married last week and had another wedding today lailasnews

The lady who reported the incident to the parish priest of All Saints Catholic Church, Avutu Obowu in Imo state and Catholic Bishop of Okigwe diocese, Most Rev. Dr Solomon A Amatu, was asked to get a copy of the annulment letter her husband obtained from the Vicar of Okigwe diocese, Rev. Fr. Michael Agbayi, by Rev. Amatu.

However while still trying to get the letter of annulment, her husband who planned a wedding in Lagos on October 20, 2018, got married to another woman at their home town on Sunday, October 14, in the Catholic Church. The couple was joined by the parish priest of All Saint’s Catholic Church, Avutu Obowu, Imo state.

When she reported the new development to the Bishop of Okigwe diocese, was also asked to get the letter of annulment which Vicar of Okigwe diocese refused to give her, until he gets a confirmation from the Bishop of Okigwe.

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She however made a headway in her quest, as the Vicar who agreed to send the letter to the Bishop asked her to return on October 23, 2018.  The Nigerian lady further wrote a letter to the parish priest of St. John The Evangelist Catholic Church Ladipo, Oshodi, Lagos State, stating that her husband shouldn’t be joined in holy matrimony to the lady as they’ve not ended their marriage properly.

Woman exposes husband who got married last week and had another wedding today lailasnews 1

Her letter read in part:

I simply request that my husband’s wedding should be stopped until I get to the root of his conspiracy and also get an appeal, along with a fair hearing from the bishop and judicial Vicar of Okigwe diocese because if this wedding continues, it means this would be his third wedding in catholic church (One to me the genuine wife and twice the second wife).

It was however gathered that the wedding went on today, Saturday, October 20, 2018 in spite of her letter. Speaking to newsmen, Mrs Bibiana Linus Onyeulo said;

It was quite surprising that the parish priest of All saints catholic church, avutu Obowu imo state, was same person whom i made complains to about all that was going on and my intention to call off my husband’s wedding in Lagos and on how he has conspired and annulled our wedding without my consent was the same Priest who united my husband’s wedding in my home town without my knowledge and even before the wedding date fixed in Lagos on the 20th Oct 2018.

I am also well informed that, Catholics don’t unite wedding on Sundays, but same All saints catholic church, avutu Obowu imo state, parish priest did. So how could this happen? How could this priest do such?

Woman exposes husband who got married last week and had another wedding today lailasnews 2

Even after all my efforts, the church still sent went ahead to celebrate this wedding in Lagos even after being informed of the conspiracy and wedding to same woman already done in the east  being 14th of this month and also today 20th of this month in Catholic church.

The worst is that st John parish church priest named Fr Patrick Obayomi who verbally confirmed to us that the wedding will not hold at his parish here in Lagos because I raised issue on the bans of marriage, that all files was transferred to the east where my husband’s first wedding was held to the 2nd wife.

Why did this wedding still hold, does it mean that the church representatives are no longer honest?

What is happening to the Catholic church?

One thought on “Woman exposes husband who got married last week and had another wedding today”

  1. ONYEULO says:

    I AM CHIEF LINUS UZODIMMA CHIBUZO ONYEULO, born 21st January 1952, formally married to BIBIANA NDUKWUBA. We had 3 children namely: CHIDIEBERE ONYEULO a graduate works in dstv office Port Harcourt 0802666688, CHIOMA VERONICA ONYEULO now CHIOMA VERIONICA NGELEH (mrs) a graduate working with union banks in Lagos 08029997413 and the youngest IJEOMA ONYEULO NOW IJEOMA OKWARAOKA (mrs) 08066797979.
    “I was married to BIBANA NDUKWUBA in January 2nd 1983 till January 7th 1990. At about 4:30am 1990, MRS BIBIANA came with her brother and her mother and dropped the children of ages CHIDIEBERE 3years old the first child, CHIOMA 2yrs the second child and IJEOMA 6months the youngest with me without looking back at the youngest child at least. I told her to please carry the youngest child at least when she is old enough I will come and take her but she refused. After a couple of months she started dating my child hood friend by name NESTOR NNAMOSHA, an ex-police officer , then in October 1990 she took me to warefare office at otoko obowo and came collecting all her belongings.
    Because of the condition, I needed to train the children and I couldn’t do it alone so I decide to take another wife in December 1990 who will assist me in taking care of the 3 children. My new wife helped to train the 3 children from nursery school up to the graduate level and till the 2 girls got married to their husbands. During my first daughter’s wedding, she came back to the house she abandoned and the children with after 25years, imposing on me that she is coming back to live in the same house she refused to help me build with or without my consents , because the same house was completed by my new wife, she helped out to fetch water even when she was pregnant and even cooked for the workers, with her statement I was forced to take her to court and after a total 3 and half years I officially won the divorced case from a competent court. In October 2017 I took my wife to the ministry of interior federal marriage registry ikoyi Lagos to get her married officially, and after the court has annulled the wedding, I took all the necessary documents to the church to process my church wedding, which they referred me to the catholic church in okigwe diocese with my petition to grant me permission for my church white wedding, which was granted.
    The marriage between bibiana and I was an arranged marriage, she got married to me because she thought I had money, but when she found out I wasn’t up to the standard that she wanted she started threatening my life with a cutlass and that of late my mother which she locked up in the police station and after all these she threw her wedding ring away. Now she wants to return back to my home after 29years.


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